pipe tube structure building material

Pipe Structures is a production unit specializing in supplying plastic pipes and fittings UPVC; HDPE pipe; Plastic pipe,mesh tube,PVC pipe water load; aluminum plastic composite pipe; HDPE plastic bearing culverts for drainage; besides some other products to serve the construction industry,refrigeration,interior decoration such as Conduit tube,brace the ceiling only,cospha cap,blindsTypes of High-Rise Buildings Structural Systems - The

Braced frame structural system.Braced frames are cantilevered vertical trusses resisting lateralsRigid frame structural system.In rigid frame structure,beams and columns are constructedWall-frame system (dual system) It consists of wall and frame that interact horizontally to provideShear wall system.It is a continuous vertical wall constructed from reinforced concrete or masonryCore and outrigger structural system.Outrigger are rigid horizontal structures designed to improveInfilled frame structural system.Infilled frame structure system consists of beam and columnFlat plate and flat slab structural system.This system consists of slabs (flat or plate) connected toTube structural system.This system consists of exterior columns and beams that create rigidCoupled wall system.This system composed of two or more interconnected shear walls.ShearHybrid structural system.It is the combination of two or more of basic structural forms either by

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