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small humidity chambercheap humidity chamberportable humidity chambertemperature and humidity chamberhumidity chamber diyhumidity controlled chambercontrolled temperature and humidity chamberconstant temperature and humidity chamber12345NextThe slidemoisturechamberis ideal for IHC staining and keeping the slideswell separated,maintaining moisture and watching the reaction.Divided into 10 individual compartments Slidesare placed on 4 pedestal posts to raise the surface above water levelEvergreen Scientific Slide Moisture Chambers for IHC Was this helpful?People also askHow does relative humidity in a humidity chamber work?How does relative humidity in a humidity chamber work?The higher the temperature of the chamber,it means that the air is capable of handling more moisture at a given temperature.The relative humidity is the ratio of the amount of moisture in the air with respect to the moisture it can hold.Humidity Chambers ,page1.

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