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imagesPRECISION SET SCREW SHAFT COLLARS IPRECISION SET SCREW SHAFT COLLARS Shaft Size B Bore +.0005-.0000 L Screw Size O.D..0779.0935.1248.1873.2405.2498.3123.3748.4998. #0-80 #2-56 #4-40 #6-32 #6-32 #10-32 1/4-20 7/32 1/4 5/16 3/8 1/2 9/16 3/4 1 5/64 3/32 1/8 3/16.24 1/4 5/16 3/8 1/2 Catalog Number INCH COMPONENT S5000Y-07807 S5000Y-09408 S5000Y-12510 S5000Y-18712 Microheli Co.Microheli Precision CNC Titanium Main Microheli Precision CNC Titanium Main ShaftCollar set GOLD BLADE 200 SRX 200 SPrecision Set Screw Collars PIC Design,Inc.Use the set screw to hold the collar's position,a small recess is located 90° from the screw as a start for a drill; you have the option of drilling through the collar and shaft to install a pin for the best results.These set screw collars are best used with shaft material thats softer than the set screw.

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Standard Round Bore Shaft Collars.Set Screw Shaft Collars.Simplest,most widely used.Cost-effective.Clamping force is applied by tightening a screw directly pressing onto the shaft.Best on a soft shaft when there is a low axial load (the force along the shaft which would cause the collar to lose its hold) and frequent adjustment is not Related searches for precision set shaft collarshaft collar with set screwshaft collar 12 shaft collar3 shaft collarsteel shaft collarsset screw shaft stop collarsshaft collars typeslarge shaft collars12345NextShaft Collars

Steel Steel Shaft Collar Precision Made Shaft Collar

Standard Shaft Collars are made in non-magnetic 303 stainless steel.These stainless steel shaft collars have precision bores held to +.0005 tolerance.Inch and metric bores are available from 5/64 to 16mm.Standard Collars are supplied with one set screw and a

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