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Corrosion behaviour of steels and refractory metals in flowing Lead-Bismuth Eutectic at low oxygen activity12345Next1st IAEA workshop onCompatibility with the HLM Total elongation vs.temperature for T91 steel in air and in LBE [B.Long et al.Journal of Nuclear Materials ,377 (2008) 219-224] Ta low solubility in liquid Pb and industrial availability 316L + Ta Ta Ta 2 5 L + Ta316 L + Ta before

A comparative study on the compatibility of liquid lead

Abstract Liquid leadgold eutectic (LGE) is considered as a potential target material for high power spallation sources.In the present work,the corrosion effects of LGE on T91 and SS 316LN steels have been investigated in comparison with that of liquid leadbismuth eutectic (LBE) under the same testing conditions.Two tests were conducted at 400 °C for 1800 h and at 450 °C for 1300 h Author Lucia Rozumová,Luká Koek,Jan Vít,Anna Hojná,Patricie HalodováPublish Year 2021Quantification of the Long-Term Performance of Steels T91 Feb 25,2010·The long-term performance of ferritic/martensitic steel T91 and austenitic 316L in oxygen-containing flowing lead-bismuth eutectic at 550°C was investigated by exposing the materials for up to 15000 h in the CORRIDA loop.The velocity of the liquid-metal flow was 2 m/s and the concentration of dissolved oxygen averaged 1.6×10 6 mass%.The Cited by 110Publish Year 2001Author F Barbier,G Benamati,C Fazio,A RusanovEnvironmentally assisted cracking of T91 ferritic Apr 01,2020·The T91 steel appeared to be resistant to LME/EAC in liquid Pb at 350°450°C and in LBE at 300°500°C with applied elastic stresses up to the ultimate tensile strength.The new testing and its evaluation can be used to partly rehabilitate the T91 steel from the risk of its LME/EAC cracking.

Cited by 14Publish Year 2016Author Zhongfei Ye,Pei Wang,Hong Dong,Dianzhong Li,Yutuo Zhang,Yiyi LiCompatibility of structural materials with liquid lead

Apr 01,1997·Both liquid Hg and Pb-Bi eutectic have been proposed as possible target materials for spallation neutron sources.During the 1950s and 1960s,a substantial program existed at BNL as part of the Liquid Metal Fuel Reactor program on compatibility of Bi,PbCited by 2Publish Year 2018Author Anna Hojná,Fosca Di Gabriele,Michal Chocholouek,Lucia Rozumová,Jan VítEstimated Reading Time 9 minsOxidation mechanism of T91 steel in liquid lead-bismuth Oct 13,2016·A glance at the oxidized cross section.Consistent with the literature 4,9,15,the oxide scale formed on T91 steel after being exposed in oxygen saturated LBE atCited by 67Publish Year 2009Author A.Jianu,G.Müller,A.Weisenburger,A.Heinzel,C.Fazio,V.G.Markov,A.D.KashtanovCompatibility tests of steels in flowing liquid lead Jun 01,2001·The composition of the PbBi alloy was (wt%) 44.42Pb55.77Bi3.3×10 4 Fe2.8×10 3 Ni<10 3 Cr.Six martensitic steels (Optifer IVc,EM10,T91,Batman 27,Batman 28 and Russian steel EP823) and two austenitic steels (1.4970,AISI 316L) were tested,the chemical compositions of which are indicated in Table 1.The corrosion specimens,cylinder shaped,were 110 mm high with a

Cited by 6Publish Year 2020Author Ingrid Proriol Serre,Jean-Bernard VogtCreated Date 5/24/2021 10:25:54 AMCreep-to-rupture tests of T91 steel in flowing PbBi

Oct 01,2009·Uniaxial creep-to-rupture tests were performed on T91 steel in air and in flowing leadbismuth eutectic melts (550 °C,10 6 wt.% oxygen,flow rate of 0.5 m/s) at stress levels of 140,160,180,200 and 220 MPa.Compared with specimens tested in air,the specimens tested in liquidmetal show (i) an increase of the strain and the strain Cited by 9Publish Year 2020Author Anna Hojná,Patricie Halodová,Michal Chocholouek,Zbynk pirit,Lucia RozumováEffect of Applied Stress on T91 Steel Performance in The performance of T91 in heavy liquid metals (HLMs) under the applied stress has been considered in most of the research studies on Pb-Bi eutectic (LBE) [2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11],while less attention has been paid to pure Pb [12,13,14].Although one of the HLM coolant operation strategies is to maintain a specific oxygen content in liquid metals to build protective oxides on the steel,these media (Pb andComparison of Corrosion Behavior of the Austenitic Feb 19,2021·Development of liquid lead cooled nuclear systems requires consideration of compatibility issues with the construction materials.In order to understand the corrosion or passivation behavior of the 316 L austenitic stainless steel,the steel specimens were exposed for 1000 h in liquid lead with 1 × 10 7 wt % oxygen level at 480 °C in static and flowing (velocity 1.6 m/s) conditions.

Compatibility of Structural Steels with Heavy Liquid

But Compatibility between liquid metals and steels? Major steel elements are soluble in liquid metals Formation of intermetallic phases Degradation of mechanical properties Prominent issue for lead alloys,especially lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) Chemistry is different for Pb/LBE and Pb-16Li As eutectic Pb-16Li alloy in fusion Compatibility with Compatibility of Structural Steels with Heavy Liquid Compatibility between liquid metals and steels? Major steel elements are soluble in liquid metals Formation of intermetallic phases Degradation of mechanical properties Prominent issue for lead alloys,especially lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) Chemistry is different for Pb/LBE .and .Pb-16Li As eutectic Pb-16Li alloy in fusion .Compatibility Compatibility tests of steels in flowing liquid lead Corrosion behavior of ferritic/martensitic (F/M) steel T91 with 9 % nominal chromium content was investigated in flowing (2 m/s) Pb-Bi eutectic (LBE) with 10-7 mass% dissolved oxygen at 450 and


The use of heavy liquid metals,and especially of lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) or lead for accelerator-driven systems (ADS) and lead-cooled (Pb) or lead-alloy-cooled (primarily Pb-Bi) fast reactor (FR) concepts of Generation IV requires an assessment of their compatibility with structural materials.Estimated Reading Time 10 minsLiquid metal embrittlement sensitivity of the T91 steel in For several years,the compatibility of the T91 martensitic steel,a structural material,with liquid lead or liquid eutectic lead-bismuth (LBE) has been studied for the development of accelerated driven systems (ADS) and also some international Generational IV fissionFactors Promoting Embrittlement of T91 Steel in Liquid Feb 07,2014·The mechanical behavior of the T91 martensitic steel has been studied in liquid lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) and in inert atmosphere.Several conditions were considered to point out the most sensitive embrittling factor.The Small Punch Test technique has

High Temperature Oxidation of Fe-9Cr-1Mo Steel in Liquid

The oxidation mechanism of the T91 martensitic steel in oxygen-saturated Pb-Bi eutectic at 470°C has been investigated to develop a long term predictive model of the steel oxidation kinetic.This work is performed in the frame of life duration studies carried out for the MEGAPIE spallation module demonstrator dedicated to the feasibility demonstration of an hybrid reactor.LeadBismuth Eutectic Corrosion Behaviors of Ferritic Aug 22,2015·A comparative study on the compatibility to liquid leadbismuth eutectic of T91 and SIMP steels was carried out.After contact with LBE in sealed quartz glass tube for 500 and 3000 h,cross section observation showed that both steels showed alloying elements enrichment in the corrosion layer,and the carbide dissolution layer formed between oxidation layer and the steel matrix.Liquid metal embrittlement susceptibility of ferritic steel in liquid lead alloys J.Van den Bosch*,R.W.Bosch,D.Sapundjiev,A.Almazouzi SCK-CEN (Belgian Nuclear Research Centre),Boeretang 200,B-2400 Mol,Belgium Abstract The susceptibility of the ferriticmartensitic steels T91 and EUROFER97 to liquid metal embrittlement (LME) in lead alloys has been examined under various conditions.

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Liquid lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) is one of the candidate materials for advanced nuclear systems.The structural materials used in contact with LBE are selected according to the resistance to liquid metal corrosion,irradiation embrittlement,and compatibility with the coolant.However,simultaneous presence of mechanical strain and LBE environment can induce liquid metal embrittlement (LME Materials for Accelerator Driven Systemsb) T91 samples irradiated to a)1.72 dpa and b) 1.70dpa and tested in Pb-Bi.The stress/strain curves of T91 specimens irradiated up to 1.7 dpa and tested in air and in liquid lead bismuth eutectic are plotted on Figure 3,with the non-irradiated sample tested in liquid Pb-Bi under the same conditions.Materials for innovative lead alloy cooled nuclearCompatibility of materials with Pb is mainly determined by the temperature dependant solubility of the alloying elements in the liquid Pb.Ni,Mn,Al and Si have substantial solubility of up to some wt% at 550°C [4].The main elements of steel,Fe and Cr,are less soluble but still some 10-5 wt% cannot be neglected.Alloys like W,Mo and Ta and most

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material compatibility.Temperature limits for corrosion (dissolution) of steels in Pb/PbBi.316 type steels Tlimit< 450°C might be 500°C in Pbto be assured.T91 type F/M steels Tlimit< 550 °C.Mechanical and corrosion behaviour of EUROFER 97 steel On the other hand,one of the disadvantages that compatibility of the newly developed steel in terms of could be envisaged by choosing the liquid eutectic Pb corrosion and mechanical degradation in the liquid 17Li as breeder is its compatibility with structural ma- flowing Pb17Li.Microstructural Investigation of LME Crack Initiated in ·The ferriticmartensitic steel T91 (Grade 91 Class 2/S50460) has nominal composition (wt %) Fe-8.9Cr-0.9Mo-0.4Mn-0.2Si-0.2V and it was produced by Industeel,ArcelorMittal group (Luxembourg).The T91 steel was austenitized at 1150 °C for 15 min and then water cooled down to room temperature.

Modeling of FeCr Martensitic Steels Corrosion in Liquid

Jul 07,2010·In this study,attention is focused on the behavior of Fe-9Cr steels,and more particularly,T91 martensitic steel.It has been shown that in the case of FeCr martensitic steels,the corrosion process depends on the concentration of oxygen dissolved in PbBi.Modelling of the oxide scale formation on FeCr steel Jun 01,2011·Previous studies showed that the oxidation of T91 (Fe9Cr martensitic steel) in liquid PbBi eutectic leads to the formation of a duplex oxide layer containing an inner Fe2.3Cr0.7O4 spinel layer and an upper magnetite layer.The magnetite layer is easily removed by the PbBi flow when the oxygen concentration is low and the flow velocity is high.This phenomenon is not currently Oxidation and tensile behavior of ferritic/martensitic The compatibility of structural materials with liquid metal has become a critical issue in the ADS system design.T91 steel has good swelling resistance and superior creep properties [5].SIMP steel is a new not confirmed or understood sufficiently in liquid Pb-Bi environment.5 .

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The compatibility of 9% Cr martensitic steels (like EM10 or T91) with liquid Pb and Pb-Bi eutectic was examined.Qualification of the T91 steel/LBE system is required to build the liquid Pb-Bi target in PSI in 2005 and for further applications.Results of corrosion tests in liquid Pb-Bi at JAEA RESULTS OF CORROSION TESTS IN LIQUID Pb-Bi AT JAEA The study on the compatibility of materials with liquid LBE has been conducted in Russia since nuclear reactors have also good radiation resistance.316SS and T91 (Mod.9Cr-1Mo steel) areStudy on Corrosion Behavior of Weld Bead by Tungsten Inert Jan 03,2019·Martinelli,et al.,17-19 have studied the oxidation process of a Fe-9Cr-1Mo martensitic steel (T91) in static liquid Pb-Bi in detail to study the compatibility of RAFM steel with liquid LBE.The oxide layer was a duplex structure composed of an internal Fe-Cr spinel layer and an external magnetite layer at the surface of T91 steel.

The T91 steel appeared to be resistant to LME/EACin liquid Pb at 350°450°C and in LBE at 300°500°C with applied elastic stresses up to the ultimate tensile strength.The new testing and its evaluation can be used to partly rehabilitate the T91 steel from the risk of its LME/EAC cracking.Author:Anna Hojná,Patricie Halodová,Michal Chocholouek,Zbynk pirit,Lucia RozumováCited by:9Publish Year:2020Environmentally assisted cracking of T91 ferritic

Was this helpful?Compatibility of T91 steel with liquid Pb-Bi eutectic Good contact is obtained between T91 and PbBi,but poor contact between T91 and Pb.Accordingly,the T91 steel tensile properties are not degraded by Pb,but modified after exposure to PbBi.

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